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WordPress Management Practices

Rest assured, KMCG is aware of the value and importance of proper WordPress Management Practices. WordPress websites are becoming more and more popular as E-Commerce and the influx of social media has surfaced, and due to the pandemic forcing more people to stay indoors. When KMCG builds your new WordPress website, or takes over an existing site, we recommend highly that you have our team “Manage” the website as well. But what does “Manage” even mean, really? Due to the massive volume of WordPress participation in the web developer world, there is a growing rate of malware and infection attempts. That being said, it is imperative that you update WordPress. Part of the management service that we are providing is the regular, scheduled updates that must be done weekly/monthly to prevent an infection or a compromisation of your website.


Next, most if not all WordPress websites have plugins to help improve your website’s user interface and user experience. Since these plugins are developed by 3rd party individuals, we are at the mercy of the original developers to provide updates that are compatible with the current WordPress platform. Therefore, you must also ensure that your plugins are up to date and do not cause any conflicts with either the WordPress platform itself, or other plugins.


WordPress Management Practices may also include updating content regularly, landing page development and data collection, editing and E-Commerce logistical coordination. Also, Site Health Checks are important too!


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