Site Builder vs. Full Service Team

On an almost daily basis, we see commercials for “Free Website” or “Build Your Website Today”, and while in some (few) scenarios, it would make sense to utilize these affordable options, most of the time these will not meet your needs, especially as a small or established business. Website builders are a great option for students, job hunters or artists who’d like to create an online portfolio or resume.

We don’t argue that free website builders can be a useful tool for this, but it’s important to not confuse these cheap alternatives with the powerful and robust tools that KMCG uses. You may be thinking, “but cheap is better, why not save money?”, and here is the most important factor why that’s the wrong mentality.

Would you rather build a problematic or insufficient website first, then be forced to hire an online marketing expert to fix and rebuild your first attempt, OR build a powerful, lead generating website FIRST and not have to revise, repair or fix shortly after?  Many of our clients that went the “free” route on their first build ended up completely starting over anyways and we really just want you to avoid that pain. A website design and development needs to be a positive experience and we want your business to achieve its highest potential success, and the websites WE build will represent just that.

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