Remarketing Tools

Retargeting, also called Remarketing, is an online advertising strategy to recapture those who have previously visited your website or landing page from a recent search. The strategy is simply adding code to a web page that will place a cookie or tag a recent visitor, allowing you to feed them promotional ads to revisit your page, as they search the web.

These retargeting tools are also available on Facebook allowing you to create look-alike custom audiences based on your filtering criteria. You can also create audiences by downloading names, email addresses, and phone numbers from your CRM or existing database. What’s really cool about Remarketing is that visitors have already been to your site, so when they do click back to your web page (usually based on your promotional offer) your conversion rate of being contacted for your product or service is much higher…

We use Retargeting strategies on our Google, Bing and Social Paid Ad campaigns with success. If you would like more information on Retargeting strategies and creating custom audiences please give us a call at 949-633-4410 today!


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